Today’s cheap gas prices probably don’t have you thinking, a whole lot about hybrids much less the $48000 plus Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV. No inside the Highlander hybrid pretty much shares its cabin with the regular Highlander which is comfortable spacious and pretty high quality actually especially up front here soft touch surfaces workouts nice little touches like fabric down the A pillars one touch windows. For both first and second rows are pretty premium touches that you often don’t get until you step up into luxury cars a lot of stitched paneling here atop the dashing even down the center part of the steering wheel as well as some of its obviously molded in like this center steering wheel thing but have nice eye candy.

2016 Toyota HighlanderAlso I’m not as wild about some of the ergonomics here with knobs along the stereo and tools on climate control here they’re kind of study they don’t really fall easily to hand but apart from that pretty hard to fault this cabin in terms of practicality there’s a nice broad shelf yearlong mostly dashboard you can throw things like your smart phone in there they stay in there pretty easily and if you want a mammoth center console the Highlander has one you’re able to fit in a pair of gloves rags. More rags. A small football. And my shoes. If you need more space in this you have a problem.

The Highlander has decent room in the second row it could set a little bit higher off the ground here in terms of CD type that overall legroom and headroom pretty good and the seats are fully adjustable with nice big point leverage here to recline and dual walking features to get back to that third row now speaking of the third row kinda tight here Toyota says its seats 3 that’s kind of a joke it’s not super wide and legroom you pretty much have to have that second row seat all the way forward for anybody taller than a kid really if it back here headroom in any of regard is kind of small and the space behind the third row terms of cargo area a larger than the prior generation Highlander but still kind of on the tight side here if you really want a stove passengers and cargo something like a Chevy traverse or GMC Acadia might be more your speed they’ve got more room behind.

Other V6 Highlander has plenty of power but the Highlander hybrid is just down right quick it combines a V6 engine with an electric motor tons of power pulling away from slower traffic transmission 8 CVT style transmission of drones a little bit of higher rounds but that’s a minor complaint really really tons of power in this car. Good breaks as far as hybrids go in the whole package put together about 28 miles per gallon EPA combined ratings that’s 30 or 40 percent better than typical 3 row SUVs with 6 owner and. A couple small complaints our ride quality is fine in terms of isolation especially at higher speeds but it can get a little bit choppy over any seriously broken pavement especially compared to certain competitors like a Dodge Durango I that Chevy traverse for example they tend to have have just more settled ride quality over our and yellow wheel drive system and Highlander hybrid, certainly a lighter duty system. Additional information Toyota Highlander headlights, see at

I you get into some real deep mud or snow doesn’t really have the easiest time transferring power from other wheels don’t have gripped to the ones that do. In the crowd a class of 3 row SUVs there’s a lot worse you could do then the Highlander aside from that third row of pretty solidly packaged as you meet for small and medium size families with really good reliability for the current generation solid crash tests and pretty good interior quality to boot a hybrid gives you a little bit of a hedge against higher gas prices tomorrow but you’re paying a lot more for today which means a choice for today is a little bit of a head scratcher.

Reese Brooklyn park Nissan is out here today with the all new 2013 so ultima so now what I’d like to do is show you around the exterior a little bit surely be inside and they give you a try. You So this all too much is the 2.5 S, are now what that means is it’s not quite the base model you can take a little step up from what you’re gonna get with this particular package are these 18 inch machined alloy loop wheels you’re gonna get them really cool exterior features like you’d expect C from Albany Nissan’s.

Nissan Altima 2013Now their new grilled this one does have a little bit different package which is gonna be that LED 2013 Nissan Altima headlights. Citerior look like as you come a menacing look up front it looks really sporty it gives a little bit more of a fun style up front and is well it’s gonna help you. Night Also other things you get with this vehicle is this color. I love the red on the exterior the ultimate it really seems to pop where the black 10 looking pretty good as well especially with these 18 inch wheels it’s not a bad looks there. So now in the backseat of the Altamont has way more room than I was expecting it. You can’t really see where the headliner cuts out about 61 name Lenny had room both me and me room as well promise I did move the seat forward from where I was driving a wheel drive and it still has a lot of room. I mean you could put 3 adults across.

Here and be comfortable if you had 4 people in this car you could definitely going road trip. Actually getting 37 miles to the. I mean you have room in the trunk as well for all your stuff you pack up for the weekend. Think about it twice. Our rights and our behind the wheel of the name autumn so the first thing you happen this card its own pocket different than the previous generation Altima and that is a good thing. The infotainment system the nissanconnect is.

Super user friendly hurt my phone rang up that way I can Bluetooth calls you can even get text messages if you have the right application you could string music there’s different. Same here. Really come a long way from him in the summer we would 5 years ago now the user I mean experience is definitely an important thing when you’re behind the wheel when you said traffic for an hour a day or maybe. You cannot just bounce back and forth picking up the kids whatever you use your car for 99 percent of the time you or make shirts comfortable and you also want to make sure it’s nice and safe that is where the ultimo also exiles. But come back to the inside everything is on the steering wheel all the controls are so simple to use. I mean you can go straight radio you player own music which is something I’d love to have a car then as well you can check out the fuel economy. Like I mentioned 37 miles per gallon highway is.

Really impressive because it’s a big car I mean the backseat like I said I am moved this scene I’m not way too close to the steering wheel with his paddle shifters on here I am where I wanna be comfortably I can have for adults going out to dinner or even if you’re picking up the kids they’re not gonna be taken back seat the whole time. From there I like that actually out everything is with and candles an arms length away it’s that I don’t sound too confusing but the way some of the clusters can be on some of the other cars is you can’t really read cages properly things down kind of makes sense. Fuel gauges and some little bars this one is actually gauge you know what’s going on and it always use.

As far as Ryan drive is concerned have spent a little time on our highways CD it’s really quiet that’s one of those things people say sometimes different makes you can get a lot of road noise wind noise. But this one. I mean you don’t have huge wheels you don’t have a ton of. When that wind noise you get sometimes on the passenger side door driver story can blow through this is just simple fun to drive it looks really good and I mean for under 25000. Talk a week with no one in these and like getting on. Day. I’ll be happy Maury Brooklyn park me some thanks for watching now if you’d like more information on the all new Nissan Altima make sure to call click or stop by today thanks again for watching and make sure you buy happy.

1996 dodge ram 1500 headlightsCan we have. 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Headlights a Caesar blacked out version. See this is the original equipment. Ram disk 2 styles this one has the. Rome surrounds and the projector and this one here. As What Really it’s just a matter of taste. There So far as what you like with so. Did this the Blackmun comes. On the Blacked out ram. The ram black fella dishing and it comes on the. Ram rebel. So we’re gonna.

See what they look like here. Despite the headlights are. This one has the tungsten. Still in it and this one I have for the trade. If. Okay there the yeah. Projector 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 headlights. And The voice Victoria So my eyes. You think that yeah and. A little brighter. Then Hit really tell that much of a difference in. The camera but. Person Yeah well it seemed like. A lot right. Compared. Back Oh yeah one. Yeah passengers. The way the Drivers. You think that will be. Or browse.

BugattiThe Italian company Pininfarina is planning to launch series of conceptual hydrogen car H2 Speed. As the Automotive News informs referring to the head of the company Pietro Angori, there will be released only 10 copies of the car, the cost of each of which will be $ 2.5 million.

The novelty will be built on a racing chassis, approved by the International Automobile Federation (IAF) to participate in the competition of “Le Mans” series and hid lights for Nissan Titan, the category LMP2. The power plant will be similar in composition to that which was used on the prototype. He was recruited by two electric motors with total capacity of over 500 and 700 sets of fuel cells.

A rear-wheel drive concept is able to dial 100km/h for 3,4 seconds and to 200 kilometers – per hour for 11 seconds. The maximum speed is 300 kilometers per hour.

For pickups, in principle, there is no original shelter. It’s just a way for dealers to sell more expensive accessory for pickup, claiming that it is produced in the factory of the car manufacturer.

shelter for  carChoosing accessories to your pickup truck, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture. In this case, the best option is the German glass, from which the cover and military truck are carried out. Their body is stronger and more expensive, consists of a four-layer fiberglass. Weaker and less expensive casing bodies is made of a double layer. For fastening a shelter to a body the best option, which does not require any drilling of the body, and shelter is attached using the kung-clamp mounts. It is necessary to find out how much you need to clamp and they are made of any material.

Upholstery of shelter with leatherette looks richer than felt, is easy to clean, but is torn by over-sized items, fishing poles, dogs.
The rubber seal prevents from moisture entering, it is in standard individual producers.

Hypercar LM2 Streamliner from sport cars manufacturer Lyons Motor Car is elegant, stylish and the most powerful car at the moment.

Hypercar LM2The body of this unusual design of the car is made of carbon fiber, and the basis is a monocoque of aluminum-carbon fiber. Lyons LM2 Streamliner is equipped with an adjustable suspension, brakes from carbon-ceramic from the manufacturer Brembo and the exhaust system of high-strength titanium. Rear view mirrors are replaced by digital video cameras, and control of all systems takes place via the touch screen with a diagonal of 16 inches.

On the car bi-turbo engine is mounted with volume of 8.2 liters and power of 1700 hp (Nelson Racing). In the car there is 7-speed gearbox and torque 2.18 thousand. Nm. Up to 96 km \ h hypercar LM2 Streamliner starts running just in 2.2 seconds and a maximum speed of this car is 466 km / h. According to developers, there is no button or lever control in the car, management is as close as possible to the management by heavy-duty fireballs.

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A huge number of materials create advantages for studded tires over friction ones: a reduced stopping distance and high performance. Honored leaders among the winter tires are considered the Finnish tire, such as a series of Hakkapeliitta 5. However, for the high quality comes at a price. But how to choose a reliable enough spikes, if you want to buy “budget” tires?Spikes for tires

Key features of spikes:

  • the number of flanges;
  • design;
  • material;
  • form of the core.

These figures should be interested primarily of motorist. Returning to the same Nokian tires, we see that exclusively faceted studs are used. The Hakkapeliitta 5, for example if four-sided, received the proud name of “bear claw”. It is really important: in any case, do not purchase tires with spikes, in which the core in cross section is round. With minimal wear it acquires a streamlined shape, losing about a third part of its beneficial qualities. Yes, and initially these thorns were need more, that’s why “angular” model will allow you to save approximately 10% of the amount in each tire without losing its quality.