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A huge number of materials create advantages for studded tires over friction ones: a reduced stopping distance and high performance. Honored leaders among the winter tires are considered the Finnish tire, such as a series of Hakkapeliitta 5. However, for the high quality comes at a price. But how to choose a reliable enough spikes, if you want to buy “budget” tires?Spikes for tires

Key features of spikes:

  • the number of flanges;
  • design;
  • material;
  • form of the core.

These figures should be interested primarily of motorist. Returning to the same Nokian tires, we see that exclusively faceted studs are used. The Hakkapeliitta 5, for example if four-sided, received the proud name of “bear claw”. It is really important: in any case, do not purchase tires with spikes, in which the core in cross section is round. With minimal wear it acquires a streamlined shape, losing about a third part of its beneficial qualities. Yes, and initially these thorns were need more, that’s why “angular” model will allow you to save approximately 10% of the amount in each tire without losing its quality.