For pickups, in principle, there is no original shelter. It’s just a way for dealers to sell more expensive accessory for pickup, claiming that it is produced in the factory of the car manufacturer.

shelter for  carChoosing accessories to your pickup truck, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture. In this case, the best option is the German glass, from which the cover and military truck are carried out. Their body is stronger and more expensive, consists of a four-layer fiberglass. Weaker and less expensive casing bodies is made of a double layer. For fastening a shelter to a body the best option, which does not require any drilling of the body, and shelter is attached using the kung-clamp mounts. It is necessary to find out how much you need to clamp and they are made of any material.

Upholstery of shelter with leatherette looks richer than felt, is easy to clean, but is torn by over-sized items, fishing poles, dogs.
The rubber seal prevents from moisture entering, it is in standard individual producers.