Hypercar LM2 Streamliner from sport cars manufacturer Lyons Motor Car is elegant, stylish and the most powerful car at the moment.

Hypercar LM2The body of this unusual design of the car is made of carbon fiber, and the basis is a monocoque of aluminum-carbon fiber. Lyons LM2 Streamliner is equipped with an adjustable suspension, brakes from carbon-ceramic from the manufacturer Brembo and the exhaust system of high-strength titanium. Rear view mirrors are replaced by digital video cameras, and control of all systems takes place via the touch screen with a diagonal of 16 inches.

On the car bi-turbo engine is mounted with volume of 8.2 liters and power of 1700 hp (Nelson Racing). In the car there is 7-speed gearbox and torque 2.18 thousand. Nm. Up to 96 km \ h hypercar LM2 Streamliner starts running just in 2.2 seconds and a maximum speed of this car is 466 km / h. According to developers, there is no button or lever control in the car, management is as close as possible to the management by heavy-duty fireballs.